HR teams, want to win the hiring race?

Move faster, recruit top 5% talents by using:

– Automation & AI

– CV analysis & search

– One-way video interviews

Recruit smarter, not harder

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No more scheduling, no more calendar clash. Only do face-to-face interviews in the last round.


In a fast-moving world, don't let talents slip away. Beat your competitors by giving each potential candidate an interview, fast.


All candidates' CV, statuses are easily recorded for later reference.

Recruit talents, the genius way!

Hack your interview process with RecruitGenius.ai. It’s fast & easy

Create questions for interviews

Create your interview question and send it to candidates. We also prepare many questions-set templates for you just to select and speed up the process.

Invite candidates to take the virtual interviews

Easily send invitation to candidates, track the messages and follow up interview status. All in one place!

Record and Review candidate's answer

Once candidates receive your invitation, they can get their access to take the interview. Base on your requirement, candidate might have an answer method as verbal, multiple-choice, long/short text, or coding.

About us

RecruitGenius.ai began in 2020. After years working as HR for high-growth startups, we realize the pain point of recruiting talents for startups. Most candidates may look great on CVs, but they turn out to be flops. To recruit the top 5%, you’ll need to eliminate 95%, fast.

RecruitGenius.ai, created by HR, for HR.

Get to your right talents, fast.

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Pricing plans

Easy to start, no expiry date


$ 0 per
  • Free forever
  • 50 CV parses
  • 10 interviews
  • Email support


  • Unlimited number of CV parses
  • Unlimited number of interviews
  • Access to thousands of interview questions
  • Get help in question design
  • 24/7 support

Questions & Answers

If you want to avoid: 

– manually copy & paste candidates’ info from CV to spreadsheets

– keep switching between tools in your process: Excel, Trello boards, emails (sigh!)

– candidates pulling a no-show at interviews, wasting tons of your scheduling efforts

then RecruitGenius.ai got your back. Better yet, it’s free to start, no credit card required.

Short answer, “No”. Long answer, well, if you don’t upskill then you’ll be replaced anyway, either by another human or AI.

With RecruitGenius.ai, you have a headstart. It automates all boring tasks (said above), provide you with all intelligence needed, so you can make important decisions with confidence. Once freed from the back-office burden, you can direct your efforts to the forefront, attracting great talents.

Nobody likes job interviews, either by human or by AI. However, most candidates will give a high opinion about your company because the process is high-tech, data-driven, not biased by human interviewers. This indeed will boost your employers’ branding.

We are strictly GDPR compliant. Video interviews are conducted only after candidates give their consent.

All videos are kept at most 3 months. They will all be deleted after that time frame.

Sure! Better yet, we offer a forever-free plan. We give you a quota on usage without any expiry date.

After you use up all the free quota, you can still get more free quota by inviting users.

Sure! You can invite your teammates to join as several roles: CV approver, question creator, interview creator, .etc. Domain experts can easily share the responsibility with HR team.


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