10x Your Recruitment Process

AI will ELIMINATE the tedious hiring process by its automation and continuity

AI will ELIMINATE the tedious hiring process by its automation and continuity

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Your candidate IS NOT just a CV


Don’t waste time interviewing unqualified candidates.
Pre-qualify your candidate before any lengthy in-depth interviews”

RecruitGenius.ai - Recruit Smarter, Not Harder

Secure your top talents.   

Reduce your time to hire with automation. Schedule interview bookings with a click of a button.

All the tools you need in one place.

 No more switching between tools such as Excel, Trello boards, emails. Our dashboard tracks it all.

Save time, hire more.

No more candidates pulling a no-show at interviews. No more time wasted scheduling interviews.


Create your interview question for your candidates. Or save the trouble and choose from our question sets, tailored to every role.


Invite candidates for interviews, track the messages and follow up their status.

Record and Review

Set verbal, multiple choice, text or even coding questions for candidates. Reviewing interviews has never been easier.

About us

RecruitGenius.ai began in 2020. After years working as HR for high-growth startups, we realize the pain point of recruiting talents for startups. Most candidates may look great on CVs, but they turn out to be flops. To recruit the top 5%, you’ll need to eliminate 95%, fast.

RecruitGenius.ai, created by HR, for HR.

Get to your right talents, fast.

Trusted by great companies

Using RecruitGenius.ai, I'm able to interview candidates quickly and efficiently, and I can schedule interviews at a moment's notice.
HR Manager
RecruitGenius.ai has changed the way we hire. It's allowed us to move faster, keep our hiring process consistent, and focus on the work we want to do instead of fighting a constant stream of applicants' questions about the application process.
Tim Brooks
Talent Acquisition Specialist
With RecruitGenius.ai, I can free up my headspace by automating the boring tasks so that I can switch my attention to attracting great talent.
Vincent Smith
HR Lead
With the high number of candidates, we have to interview and schedule, as well as our company's demanding deadline, RecruitGenius.ai has been a lifesaver for me as a recruiter.
Sarah Palson
With RecruitGenius.ai, I was able to fill positions up in less than a week!
Anna Lim
Talent Manager
RecruitGenius.ai helped me save so much time and effort with calendar clashes and tracking interviews' progress.
Timothy Wong
HR Manger
RecruitGenius.ai helped me sieve out talent faster and with less effort!
Team Lead
RecruitGenius.ai revolutionised my workflow and made my life as a recruiter much simpler! This is truly a game changer for all recruiters!
The analytics of candidates and interview progress helped me provide an overview of my talent pool to meet the demand of the different roles.
Steven Becken

Pricing plans

Easy to start, no expiry date


$ 49 per
  • 50 CV parses
  • 30 interviews
  • ChatGPT-created Interview Questions
  • 24/7 Support
  • Get candidate from any input
  • Free job posting to our job portal


  • All Standard Features, Plus:
  • Unlimited number of CV parses
  • Unlimited number of interviews
  • Custom ATS/HRM Integration
  • Instant Support

Questions & Answers

If you want to avoid: 

– manually copy & paste candidates’ info from CV to spreadsheets

– keep switching between tools in your process: Excel, Trello boards, emails (sigh!)

– candidates pulling a no-show at interviews, wasting tons of your scheduling efforts

then RecruitGenius.ai got your back. Better yet, it’s free to start, no credit card required.

Short answer, “No”. Long answer, well, if you don’t upskill then you’ll be replaced anyway, either by another human or AI.

With RecruitGenius.ai, you have a headstart. It automates all boring tasks (said above), provide you with all intelligence needed, so you can make important decisions with confidence. Once freed from the back-office burden, you can direct your efforts to the forefront, attracting great talents.

Nobody likes job interviews, either by human or by AI. However, most candidates will give a high opinion about your company because the process is high-tech, data-driven, not biased by human interviewers. This indeed will boost your employers’ branding.

We are strictly GDPR compliant. Video interviews are conducted only after candidates give their consent.

All videos are kept at most 3 months. They will all be deleted after that time frame.

Sure! Better yet, we offer a forever-free plan. We give you a quota on usage without any expiry date.

After you use up all the free quota, you can still get more free quota by inviting users.

Sure! You can invite your teammates to join as several roles: CV approver, question creator, interview creator, .etc. Domain experts can easily share the responsibility with HR team.

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